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Accountabilities of the Clerk. 

Accountable to Chair Ellisfield Parish Council (EPC) for day-to-day executive business administration (part-time employed home-based) between formal meetings in co-ordination with Ellisfield Parish Councillors. Acts independently as an Advisor; the Monitoring and Publicity Officer and as Finance Officer.

Prepares and organises meetings, agendas and related EPC finance matters including any other correspondence, such as Newsletters/Bulletins/Surveys/Welcome Packs, as required from time to time.

Responsible for various Ellisfield resident services and facilities through assets owned or paid for by EPC. Manages contracts, grants/awards and relationships with other EPC employees; i.e. Litter Pickers, and liaises with the many volunteers/residents/local Council Officers that assist EPC in successfully achieving its accountabilities.

If you wish to get in touch with the council please contact the Clerk, Hannah Ford.

Telephone: 07502992314

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